Please be advised that the GMHL is postponing the start of the season for the BC teams until the October 21st weekend. After conducting a thorough analysis, which included the challenges faced by our new members in British Columbia, it was determined that a slight delay would ensure a stronger start to the season for the teams within that region.  Team-specific challenges such as billeting and busing, inter-divisional logistics, insurance, and travel for our trained and sanctioned officials from multiple provinces had a hand in the decision. Of particular interest, BC Hockey, the provincial arm of Hockey Canada, has been aggressive on their stance of sanctioned leagues and teams operating outside of their control. BC Hockey's statements that anyone associated with the GMHL, as well as their extended family members, should be punished and penalized by Hockey Canada, has caused a measure of confusion and anxiety. The GMHL continues to be inclusive of all and will always work with all those who love the game of hockey, with the intention to develop, grow, and improve hockey, hockey culture, and our players both on and off the ice.

BC teams will start their season on the October 21st weekend.